The art of a baby

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This is the latest piece from trailblazing young shock artist Alfred
“Freddie” John D, aged just 34 months. Entitled simply “Future”, it’s a
bleak, portentous and challenging statement about New Conservatism. The red
hand signifies the death knell for the outgoing Labour government, the
sinister £greening out” of the figure in the rear, an ominous sign for
environmental activists. The outsized yellow whistle is poised, ready to
call the Liberals to order. Limited edition print (unsigned): £4500.

"Future" 2010

“Sadness” is an early work by Alfred “Freddie” John D. One of the recurring
features of his work is the “Egg Man”. Here, the Egg Man emotes twenty first
century anguish in its most primal form. He has everything an Egg Man could
ever want – a great hat, the legs of a cowboy, and so much cash that he dribbles it.
Does this make him happy? No. This is art at its most powerful, most brave:
the human condition on canvas.

"Sadness" 2010

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