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What do you think about the show? Do you likeĀ  it? Do you hate it? What do you want more of? Or less? TELL! And be honest, or we’ll never learn. You can also contact us at

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23 Responses to Contact us

  1. Spandex C*ckmuncher says:

    Monkeys think about other monkeys. Simple as that.

  2. Mr Margolis says:

    Monkeys mainly think, “has a monkey ever touched a shark?”

  3. Finkle says:


  4. Gretchen Spaggs says:

    Monkeys think funky. Or flunky. One or t’uther.

  5. Monkeys, far from thinking about masturbation, actualy think of war.

  6. Fix Up, Pat Sharpe! says:

    Despite popular theorem, monkeys are not thinking about typing up the complete works of William Shakespeare but are in fact mulling over an attempt to write and re-boot the Romancing The Stone franchise. There are also a couple of monkeys wondering how many times do cock and monkey balls have to bounce on the keys before typewrite goes ding. You’d probably want to drag those guys out of the class and try to beat them to death with a dumbbell whilst shouting DIE MONKEY DIE, but i wouldn’t…these mothers are hard to the core and bad to the bone…did you see what they did to that women’s face on the Oprah Winfrey show, not Oprah, the one that was attacked by a monkey. FUCKED IT UP BAD STYLE.

  7. seanfinn says:

    They, like us, reflect sadly on Howard’s crimes of racial hatred.

  8. Lonesome Dome says:

    Good idea that. Seeing as how Michael Douglas’s pink baboon ass is (by law) a feature of every film he stars in, there’s some synchronicity here.

  9. Camel says:

    I always thought monkeys thought about how to aviod a damn good spanking….or as my monkeys does, thinks about getting a damn good spanking.

  10. Camel says:

    So what you’re saying is Henry VIII was a Rangers fan (Chelsea if in England or Mythr Tidfill if in Wales)?

  11. Camel says:

    Howard should of said that he didn’t notice peoples skin colour and adopt a superior posture with arms folded. He’d of looked a cunt, but it would of taken the heat off from the tutting grannies.

  12. Jones of the Jungle says:

    I have been out campaigning for the last three weeks, and on the doorstep, the same issues come up again and again with the monkeys I speak to – immigration, the difficulty of getting on to the housing ladder, Afghanistan, and bananas…

  13. Sam says:

    I’ve always thought monkeys got a bad deal – if you put a million humans down at typewriters, none of those chumps could come up with Shakespeare.

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  15. seanfinn says:

    I would like to ask the Idiots who their favourite serial killer is. And why.

  16. Camel says:

    Can I as Ben and Howard if they think Keith looks more like a reject from Supagrass than he does a bald Sting look-a-likey?

  17. Jennifer Stickleback says:

    I would like to ask them when is it all going to end? My pain.

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  19. Camel says:

    I hope it’s not too late.

    Can I ask the panel, do they think Keith is as funny as he thinks he is?

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