Show 85 – Fifty Shades Of Idiot

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The crew of the Starship Gemini 2In the latest I Am Idiot we take a trip to Germany and to outer space.

As Howard and Ben enjoy a cultural weekend in Berlin, Keith returns to partake in the Instant German lesson thanks to the terrible people at the Independent on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the I Am Idiot team discuss soft porn 50 Shades of Grey and yet again, Hucow training.

Plus Ben has a new watch, news on Rude Shopman, and find out the amazing revelations in Part 3 of The Logbook of Starship Gemini 2 (crew pictured above) as we meet the ship’s robot, RB40 TURBO.

I Am Idiot. It is exactly like dusting crops boy, and we can always bullseye some wamprats on our way. Whatever they are.


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