Show 50 – Members Only

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The future. Visualised...

Here it is, the MONSTER show that is our 50th I Am Idiot.

What other podcast includes headwounds, Jon Bon Jovi, Christopher Walken, idle racism, Essex girls, poetry, musical genius, Andy Gray, and a lot of talk about balls?

That’s right, there isn’t another podcast that does that. Is there? And if there is?

Shut up.

There’s also the AMAZING new I Am Idiot single from the mind of Ben, “He’s Keith”. Listen to it here.

I Am Idiot. Number one in a field of one.

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One Response to Show 50 – Members Only

  1. now you see, nearly an hour of idiocy… that’s what we want. top show lads, the music marvel thing just gets better. i’d suggest some, but it seems you have it covered.
    here’s to the next 50.

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