What is I Am Idiot?

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“There‚Äôs a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot”

[Steven Wright]

I Am Idiot is the creation of Howard, Keith and Ben.

Three men of advancing years, diminishing intellect and a highly questionable moral compass club together for a weekly trip down the avenue of idiot.

We’ll discuss the latest in the world of fine arts, cinema, theatre and socio-economic issues. Well, possibly, though we’re more likely to talk about what we think of the local shopkeeper’s manners.

The podcasts

So, you can get us a few ways, on the site or on iTunes, plus follow us and all that jazz. See below:

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3 Responses to What is I Am Idiot?

  1. Camel says:

    I’m interested in Keith’s views on being pretentious?

    Did he find it coming on quite strong while in Jo’berg?
    My personal favorite was while working with him one Sunday morning Keith told me that he thought he had a “Really good Blues voice”.

    You go Duke, you pretentious cunt!!!

  2. Camel says:

    Re: Thai Trousers

    Do they look good with flip flops and a Krisna ash mark???

    Just to add the pretentious icing to the metorphorical cake.

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